Things to Do at Ardmarnoch

As a tranquil and peaceful estate, Ardmarnoch is ideal for horticulturists, photographers and artists, for people who like the feeling of self being or of a degree of isolation. Ardmarnoch is also fantastic for families who like to spend time together, be it exploring the woodland or gardens, or spending the days paddling at the shores of Loch Fyne.


Ardmarnoch is home to many common and unusual species of birds from Swallows to the Golden Eagle. Many different species can be seen throughout the year.


The estate here is beautiful and inspirational with opportunity for photography of many species of mammals, wild flowers and vegetaions


The views across Loch Fyne and scenes throughout the estate are perfect for artists for drawing sketches and painting. The variety of wild flowers and plants within the borders and walled garden are very good for artists who enjoy that type of subject.


The estate is large and suitable for exploring along purpose made tracks through the Oak Woods and down to the clearing at the shore. There are several viewpoints around the estate giving good panoramic views which may also be of interests to photographers and artists.


Ardmarnoch is such a tranquil retreat several miles from the nearest main road. With only the calls of birds and the sea breeze, Ardmarnoch is perfect for reading, catching up on academic work or listening to audio cd’s on your personal cd player in the tranquil gardens or by the sea.


After a 5 minute walk down to the shore why not paddle in the beautiful clear water in one of the sheltered bays.

Wildlife Watching

You are free to wander around parts of the estate and observe some of our animals as they go about their daily business, geese, hens and pigs.

A small island just a short distance from the coastline of Ardmarnoch is regularly used by common seals, and from time to time the loch is visited by basking sharks and amazing dancing dolphins.